The People of BB2C: Allen Brokaw

In case you haven't heard, we have lost an amazing person.

Allen Brokaw was a founding member of Building Bridges to Careers, and played a large role in the Teen Career Awareness Initiative (TCAI). Building Bridges was born out of the work started by TCAI. Throughout the building of the BB2C organization, Allen participated, supported, advocated, encouraged, and pushed us forward to ensure that we were able to get to where we are today. 

BB2C has embarked on a new endeavor called the Epicenter, which is a brick and mortar youth and entrepreneurial development center. We dedicate the Epicenter to Allen Brokaw to honor his memory and keep him in our hearts. Thank you, Allen!


Please keep his family in your thoughts. Allen was deeply involved in many aspects of our community, and I don't believe that any one of us can truly understand the full impact that he has had on Marietta.