The people of BB2C: Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis is a founding member of Building Bridges to Careers (BB2C) and currently serves as a board member. She was also a member of the Teen Career Awareness Initiative that built the foundation upon which BB2C was built. Our recent event, Family Career Awareness Day, was developed and organized by the committee that she leads.

In her own words....

In 2006, Washington County Family & Children First focused our Shared Plan on Teen Career Awareness due to concerns with youth leaving high school without a career path.  Through senior surveys conducted with all county high school seniors over the past 10 years, it has consistently shown that ‘first-hand experience’, followed by ‘moms’, has the most influence on a student’s career path.  With that in mind, we began a ‘job shadowing’ project that continues today under Building Bridges to Careers.  My husband Dave, who passed away in June, was a BB2C member and avid supporter of helping youth find a career path that builds on their strengths and develops their skills, regardless of their chosen path.  Awareness and exploration of the vast opportunities right here in our community is the key to helping our students, while growing our workforce.

I’m amazed at where BB2C is today compared to our ‘dream’ just a few short years ago.  Tasha Werry, the driving force behind BB2C, has had the vision, leadership, and commitment to make dreams become a reality.  The collaboration and coordination among schools, businesses, civic groups, social services, students, and parents continues to grow and strengthen.  As a founding member of BB2C, I am proud of the accomplishments and look forward to focusing on developing, growing, and strengthening the current initiatives and programs that will benefit our students and community for years to come.

The Davis family generously gave donations made in memory of Dave Davis to BB2C to support our continued efforts.