BB2C Teacher Perspective: Kellie Krason

Kellie Krason is a physical education teacher at Belpre City Schools. This past summer and fall she participated in a professional development opportunity provided locally by Building Bridges to Careers: the Problem Scenario Project. 

The Problem Scenario Project partners teachers with a local business/employer representative. Together the partners develop a real-world problem scenario from the business perspective that connects to the teacher's curriculum. Kellie was partnered with Beth Schwendeman from Memorial Health System who spent time in the classroom to help students develop their solutions. "Working with Beth Schwendeman was the final critical element needed to make this project authentic. My students were very professional and inquisitive. They prepared interview questions prior to her visit. They asked excellent questions."

Kellie allowed her students to take the reins with this project as they worked to research and connect information to help develop a solution to the problem.  "About two days after their presentations, I asked my students to write a reflection of this project. I asked them to speak freely and critically with their responses so that I could learn. Several of their responses spoke about the benefit of increased responsibility and that forced them to take their task more seriously. The student reflections were the most valuable for me...It was about the content as well as other soft skills needed to enter the workforce." Kellie and Beth's problem scenario is titled BB2C #36, District Athletic Trainer, and is available for download.