BB2C Business Perspective: Burgess and Niple

On Feb. 23, at the Epicenter, students attending a Building Bridges to Careers event were building bridges.....literally. Students from high schools in Marietta, Warren, Waterford, Frontier, Shenandoah, Belpre and Williamstown attended the first annual Discover Engineering Day. During the day, students participated in hands on activities and a networking lunch with local engineers. Burgess and Niple sponsored the event and provided two of the activities. One of the activities was a bridge building contest where students designed the bridge, "ordered" supplies within a budget, and constructed the bridge, thus adding a real world application. The end result? By the end of the day students were engaged and signed up for job shadowing placements at various locations in the discipline of engineering they are interested in pursuing. 

Why is job shadowing important? Michael Davis, engineer,  from Burgess and Niple stated,  "With us having a hard time finding engineers it makes sense to start early with local students. Job shadowing gives us the opportunity to meet the kids early and help develop that relationship that will hopefully lead to future employees."

Are you a business that would like to allow students to come in for a day to see what your career is really like? These experiences give our students information to make a well-informed career decision. It also helps you to build a future workforce! Contact us at if you are interested in having students job shadow at your location!