BB2C Events: Education after Hours

Education after Hours is a networking event that gets to the heart of the matter...the great divide between education and employment. It is a difficult task to create meaningful bridges between these two established institutions, but that's what BB2C is all about. Education after Hours creates a social networking environment in which educators and local business representatives can learn from each other (yes...the concept was lifted directly from our local Chamber, the Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce!). Thanks to the Marietta Brewing Company for hosting this year, and to Memorial Health System for sponsoring food and door prizes. Read on to find out what participants experienced...

"The cool thing about this event is the level of networking. Not only did I make some connections, but other people found connections for me while they were networking! Folks were looking out for each other." Barb Schafer, Warren Local Schools

"I made a connection with an HR employee in Mineral Wells and learned about things being manufactured right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley that I had no idea were being made! I discovered he needs employees so I am now connecting him to a free job fair at the Washington County Career Center in April." Tonya Davis, BB2C Coordinator

"It was great seeing the business community and the education community looking for opportunities to work together! Kerri (from Pickering Associates) and I had an interesting conversation with a 2nd grade teacher about the conflict she deals with daily." Alvin Phillips, Habitat for Humanity

"This event represents what Building Bridges is all about--community-building, idea sharing, and collaboration among creative people from all sectors. It's a celebration of all the great work done throughout the year and also a launching pad for new partnerships going forward." Maribeth Saleem-Tanner, Marietta College