The People of BB2C: Pamela Lankford

In October, 2016 Pamela Lankford became the Epicenter Director for Building Bridges to Careers (BB2C). Prior to doing this work, Pamela volunteered with BB2C as a Career Mentor and in the Problem Scenario Project. She has been a helpful voice for us along the way, and we are glad that she has joined our organization more formally. 

Why did she get involved: "After serving as a mentor through the Building Brides to Careers program and getting involved in other projects with students, like mock interviews and the problem scenario project, the work of BB2C and the impact they were having on preparing our youth for careers became abundantly clear. After being involved with some initial conversations about the Epicenter, this was a perfect combination of utilizing my business consulting skills to develop the business incubator piece while forwarding the mission of BB2C, and providing more experiential opportunities for students by working with Epicenter members."

What does she hope to accomplish: "Through the work of the Epicenter, entrepreneurs will find the resources they need to support their business and grow them to the next level. This will have a positive impact on our local economy by creating new business and creating jobs, which also means more opportunities for students to stay in the area. Additionally students will be more prepared to enter the world of work, maybe even starting their own businesses. A great cycle of growing our own jobs!"

Stop by and see Pamela at the Epicenter in the Marietta Armory on Front Street. Click here to see the schedule of workshops that Pamela has put together to support entrepreneurs and current small business owners.