BB2C Student Perspective: Entrepreneurship Class.

The Epicenter is nearing the end of its first five months in existence, coinciding with the end of the spring semester for area schools. Throughout the first five months, the entrepreneurs-in-residence at the Epicenter have been establishing routines and working to build their businesses, and the CCP entrepreneurship class from Marietta High School has been gaining essential experience while completing the requirements of the course. 

A couple of unique opportunities became available this semester for the entrepreneurship students that visited the Epicenter every other week. Eric Griffiths, owner of Ohio Web Pro Design, worked with the students to develop a market research project. The purpose was to gain some insight into the tech needs and issues of local businesses. The students developed a survey, and then took an afternoon to canvas the businesses on Front and Second Streets for information. One of the students was even able to canvas businesses at the annual Chamber of Commerce Dinner. In collaboration with Marietta College, the students pitched their business ideas during the first ever Junior PioPitch event. In order to prepare for this event, the students received feedback from John Bowling with Combined Insurance at the Epicenter, and they also received pitching advice from Michele Migliuolo, Executive–in-Residence at TechGrowth Ohio. 

What did the students gain from this experience? In their own words....

I learned how to talk in front of people without using fillers. ~Zach Deskins

It helped me learn how to be independent with presentations and to do my own work off my own ideas. ~Cyrus Rhodes

Through the Epicenter, I have learned skills, such as interviewing, socializing, and leading. ~Jackson Kelly

My time here has taught me how to be more prepared for events and to talk more easily in front of crowds. ~Greyson Turner

I learned to contribute to conversation. ~Tyler Devol

This course has taught me how to change my mindset, such as thinking about problems as opportunities and how to connect with other people. ~Brandon Ologeanu

I learned many important skills with hands-on education: development of surveys, meeting new people, adaptation, and networking. ~Spencer Tenney