BB2C Business Perspective: AMP Recording Studios

Our community has so many career opportunities, however, our students are unaware of them. Building Bridges to Careers (BB2C) is working to connect our students to those opportunities. How many people in the area know there is a music recording studio in Little Hocking? BB2C has connected students to AMP Recording Studios to help students gain career awareness related to music production. Jeff Totten and Breyer White from the studio meet with students every semester to show them the studio, talk about their career paths, and discuss ways to get started in this industry. 

When asked why he is so open to working with students, Jeff replied, "They're the future of America. The only limitation is your imagination. These kids allow me to see things through a different experience. They can offer me fresh insights. Advances in the industry will more than likely come from them."

Jeff and Breyer recognize the importance of cultivating the youth in our area and how important it is to give them the chance to learn in a hands-on setting. During the job shadowing placement, Breyer showed the students how to "lay down tracks" and created a track while they were there. One student even played piano on the track he was working on. He  enjoys having the students come in and is always happy to help with a placement. 

"I like hanging out with the kids. They usually have pretty good ideas." Breyer told our BB2C Coordinator. 

At BB2C we often find that our students do have good ideas. We believe all they need is an opportunity and the space in which to express them. Are you a student or a business who would like to participate in our job shadowing or internship program? Contact us at 740-370-6399.