BB2C Events: Manufacturing/Entrepreneur Camp Part III

As you may have read in previous blog posts, we had a great time with this year's Manufacturing/Entrepreneur camp which took place at the Ely Chapman Educational Foundation. The last day of camp was spent at the Washington County Career Center. Chemical operators, instrumentation and electricity employees, and maintenance mechanics are in high demand in our area. (For more information about these programs go to Due to this high demand, we asked that the career center address this workforce need with our students along with other areas, such as welding and carpentry.

The day began with Derrick Lemley showing how some of the chemical operator equipment worked by blowing up and deflating a marshmallow and a balloon. This demonstration grabbed the campers attention and engaged them. Afterwards, John Moore gave them the opportunity to operate instrumentation and electricity training equipment. The staff at the career center expressed they were impressed with our campers and with their answers to questions that arose throughout the day. 

Later in the day, students were able to participate in a hammering contest in the Building Technology section. As they participated in this part of the day, the students were also told about the opportunities in which they could develop these building skills and then grow to eventually have their own business.

For the last part of the day, the students broke off into teams for an activity in the maintenance mechanic and millwright section. They worked in teams to take apart a pipe and put it back together. Leadership, teamwork, and communication skills were emphasized during this activity, which are skills that are transferable to all employment situations. 

When asked about the day from the career center's perspective, Derrick Lemley replied,

"We here at The Career Center Adult Technical Training were happy to be a part of this event and see a wonderful group of kids engaging in hands on activities and gaining exposure to many of today’s Industrial jobs within the workforce!"

The students enjoyed themselves so much we have already been talking about visiting The Career Center for a full day next year during Manufacturing/Entrepreneur camp! 

For more information about the career center and their programs go to