BB2C Events: 2nd Annual Discover Engineering Day

A little over a year ago a conversation transpired between a local business, Burgess and Niple, Inc., and BB2C. Burgess and Niple wanted to have an event to highlight National Engineering Week and get students involved in engineering. They often have difficulty filling their positions and wanted to work on building a local pipeline of potential employees. After six weeks of planning and collaboration, the pilot event Discover Engineering Day was born. This is an event that serves our mission of creating community netorks to support students perfectly!

High school sophomores and juniors already identified as having an interest in engineering participated last year, making this event an educational piece of a chosen pathway. Districts all over Washington County, along with Williamstown High School and a few students from Shenendoah High School participated in three hands on activities. Then they had the opportunity to attend a networking luncheon where they began building communication and networking skills with engineers in the field. BB2C received feedback from participating students...they really enjoyed the event, and they wanted more hands-on activities.  

Due to the tremendous response to the event, next month our 2nd Annual Discover Engineering Day is slated for February 22nd from 8:30am-1:30pm. at Washington State Community College. There will be an increase to five activities instead and engineers from an even wider scope of disciplines will be attending. Thanks to our sponsors, Washington Electric Cooperative and Burgess and Niple, we will be able to double the number of participating students this year. Washington Electric became involved due to a desire to be even more involved with our community and we at BB2C appreciate their help and support. 

Stay tuned next month for a follow up with feedback from the students and our participating businesses. For more information about Discover Engineering Day or how to get your students involed, contact Tonya Davis at 740-370-6399.