Did you miss MOVEE?

The Mid Ohio Valley Entrepreneurship Expo (MOVEE) 2018 has concluded, but there is still information to be gleaned until the 4th Annual MOVEE is held in September, 2019.  Very popular were the concurrent sessions that ranged from tax cuts, social media, pocket-sized video production, employee engagement and funding sources.

"I really valued the info from the morning sessions. I am already acting upon new info gained."  SMALL BUSINESS OWNER

Perry & Associates shared information on the biggest tax law change in over 30 years that will affect taxpayers both personally and with their business entities.  In a few short months, we will all know the final implications as we file taxes for 2018, but for most it should be an overall reduction in total taxes paid.  “There seem to be many benefits, but also some decreases in deductions, it was helpful for me to see the income tax bracket comparisons of 2017 and 2018 to see how my tax liability might change”

For those using social media as their primary source of marketing, it is an ever-changing model, where once simple posts could reach your market, now a more strategic approach as well as needing to pay to reach your specific market is the norm.  “Managing your social media should be a component of the overall marketing strategy; to be effective requires a plan, not just an occasional post”.

Brandy Sales’ session on using your smart phone for video-production looked like a lot of fun.  See his video here:  https://www.facebook.com/BrandySalesVideo/videos/2160070774208874/.  And if you want a complimentary list of equipment, check out his website: http://www.brandysales.com/.

John Fazio addressed the employee engagement issues, sharing that only 29% of employees are actively engaged on the job.  Want to get your employees more engaged?  He shared some YouTube videos that can help you get them more excited about their work.  Look for “employee engagement strategies” to get some ideas for your business.

Lastly, the funding continuum panel shared information on various sources of financing, but also all of the supportive entrepreneurial organizations in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  Many were surprised to learn that there were several dozen groups involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The BB2C Epicenter is a great place to start if you have recently started or are thinking about starting your business.  We can help provide services or direct you to the appropriate place.

If you didn’t attend MOVEE this year, watch for more information next summer on the 4th Annual Mid-Ohio Valley Entrepreneurship Expo.

"I love the idea of like-minded people coming together and discussing topics on business. This was my first event covering entrepreneurship and I enjoyed networking as well as receiving information that would help not only my business grow but myself as an individual as well."  SMALL BUSINESS OWNER

"The MOVEE was a fantastic experience! The workshops were very informative and well taught! The networking availability was tremendous. I will definitely be in attendance next year!!!" SMALL BUSINESS OWNER

Written by Pamela Lankford, who is our Epicenter Director and leads the work in our Small Business Incubator. She is part of the planning team for MOVEE.