BB2C Events: Discover Art Day!

Due to the overwhelming success of Discover Engineering Day, BB2C decided to expand the Discover Day series to include Discover Art Day. On Nov. 15th, 20 students from Warren, Belpre, and Marietta High Schools attended the first Discover Art Day at the Makerspace. The purpose was to connect students who have an interest in art to local artists, to help students learn about different mediums, and increase their networking skills.

Here’s what the day looked like:

  • Students were broken up into small groups and rotated to three hands-on activities each chosen by the local artist.

  • After the three rotations were complete, the students participated in a networking lunch at the Boys and Girls Club with participating artists and more artists from the community.

The three hands-on activities:

  • Journaling with Geoff Schenkel from Resolve Studios: Students worked in a journal to express something about themselves or to further an idea or project they want to work on in the future. Students had limited supplies and learned they could create art from most anything available to them.

  • Skateboard Sketch and Fabrication with Aaron Reynolds from Ridge Runner Construction. Students had the opportunity to sketch their vision of a skateboard ramp and then fabricated a real life ramp in the Makerspace.

    • Also, students had the opportunity to view Rob Little’s work from …..And the Artist and asked questions after the skateboard ramp activity was complete.

  • Pouring with acrylic paints with Madeline Grant from Maddy’s Marvels/Riverside Artist Gallery. Students learned how to create an art piece on a canvas by pouring acrylic paints and making a design.

In addition to the previously mentioned artists, students also had the opportunity to network and view the work of Betsy Cook from the Riverside Artists Gallery, Bobby Rosenstock from justAjar Design Press, and Andy Hall from Stonewall Group. Students were able to connect with all the artists and ask questions about their work. Throughout the day they also received career pathway and educational information.

Student comments about what they learned from the day:

I will use what I learned today to try and expand with what media I use.~ 10th grader, Warren HS

I’ll know there’s more to art than what I normally think.~ 11th grader, Warren HS

I will use what I learned today to not be so strict with my art. ~10th grader, Warren HS

Have a good attitude about your art and be proud. ~ 11th grader, Belpre HS

Learned how to network, ~ 10th grader, Warren HS

Art is involved in many businesses in many ways. ~ 11th grader, Belpre HS

Art is way more than just paintings or drawings.~ 11th grader, Belpre HS

I’ll use what I learned today to never quit and accomplish my goals. ~ 10th grader, Marietta HS

A local artist had this to say about the day

I think this day was great for demonstrating the foundational skills applicable to creative fields.

From a Warren HS educator:

I could have stayed all day. Fantastic

There you have it folks! A great day with a lot of learning and building bridges with local artists and students. Thank you to all the artists who gave their time, thank you to all the teachers and the schools for transporting students, and thank you to the students for attending and being so open and eager to learn. We are already looking forward to next year!