BB2C Student Perspective: Liz King

So this happened...

Jenny Bruce, our Makerspace Coordinator, was planning our May First Friday event to coordinate with the Kentucky Derby theme and decided on something to do with horseshoes. She contacted Liz King, a student as WSCC who has been welding decorative items to see if she would be interested in doing something with horseshoes. Jenny dropped off some horseshoes to her on Monday, and Liz needed more by the end of the day. We had several unique horseshoe items to display and sell for her by Friday night. All but 2 were sold within a week. 

In her own words...

I’ve always enjoyed building and creating. It started with Legos and Erector sets as a child. I took 2 semesters of pottery while at university, then I learned woodworking while stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB, and now I’m getting my associates in welding from WSCC. I simply enjoy thinking about something I’d like to make, and then making it. My end goal would be to own my own business (preferably as some kind of woodworking/welding crossover.) But my current, realistic goal is to get a job in a fabrication shop to hone my welding skills in a real-world environment. I’d still like to continue welding as a side job selling custom tables and home decòr.

The Epicenter helped me connect by offering a venue for me to showcase some of my work. (You can only sell so many things to your aunts and best friend’s mom before you’ve saturated your customer base with product.) Through the Epicenter, I was able to access a more broad customer base. Because I’m still in the very early stages of establishing myself as a welder and a business, networking and meeting new potential customers is vital. Without new people being interested in what I produce, my ability to sell would quickly peter out.

 We are happy to help, Liz, and will continue with you on your entrepreneurial journey.