BB2C Focus Project: Career Mentor Program - Want to be a Mentor?

The BB2C Career Mentor program matches local volunteers with middle and high school students. The goal of the Mentor program is to help students develop decision-making skills that will aid them throughout the rest of their school years and will help them when choosing a career path that fits their needs and interests. 
Recently the students involved with the Mentor Program for the 2017-18 year were surveyed about their experience. More than half of the students, 58%, indicated that their mentor had helped them with an obstacle this year. They also indicated help with homework, behavior, and career information. Over 80% of the students and mentors met weekly or bi-weekly. Of the 26 students who completed our survey, 21 would like to have a mentor again next year. This is 81%. 
We are proud of the progress that our Career Mentor program is making. When Building Bridges to Careers started the Career Mentor program in 2015-2016 there were 18 mentors in one school. The program has grown to include 49 mentors in 3 districts and 5 buildings in Washington County during the 2017-2018 year. During the upcoming year, mentors will be able to participate in our program in all six districts in Washington County: Marietta, Warren, Fort Frye, Frontier, Belpre and Wolf Creek. 
If you would like to make a difference in students’ lives, we would love to have you as a mentor in one of our Washington County Districts. Below are the training dates for this year. Just follow the link to let us know you are interested. Career Mentor Program 

2018 mentor training dates.JPG