BB2C Partner Projects: Entrepreneur/Manufacturing Camp

BB2C has once again partnered with Ely Chapman to organize the Entrepreneur/Manufacturing Camp. Thirteen middle school students learned about entrepreneurship, developed a business idea and logo, then worked with the Epicenter to hone those ideas. Along with those tasks, they toured several manufacturers and participated in hands on activities at those establishments. The purpose of the week long camp is to introduce students to the possibility of owning their own business and/or becoming involved in the manufacturing sector. Thank you to the Career Center who allowed us to spend an entire day there while providing several different activities! We would also like to thank the following companies and entities for being so gracious and welcoming to our students:

  • The Career Center-Adult Techincial Training
  • Sewah Studios
  • Pioneer Group
  • Rampp Co.
  • Putnam Chocolates
  • justAjar Design Press
  • BB2C Epicenter

As is usually the case, the students thrived when they were able to engage in hands on activities. We could tell you what a good time the students had but thought you might like to hear from them in their own words:

"I liked all the activites. Thank you. Please do this again next year. I loved the truck driving and welding. I would like to do it all again next year." J.Y., 6th grade

"I liked where I got to drive a semi truck, draw blood, wire the house, maintenance, and the pipes." M.S., 5th grade

"I loved so many things that we did this past week. I really can't pick what I loved the most. But what I look forward to the most is definitely the career center. We learned so much with just our hands. And driving a truck was super cool! I also loved Sewah! I never knew it existed. But learning that they were the people who made the historical plaques around town was awesome! I can't wait till next year!" S.M., 7th grade

THIS is why we do what we do. Who knows, maybe one of the experiences a student had this year at camp will lead to a career. We can't wait to start planning for next year!