BB2C Business Perspective: Rampp Company

Mark Fulton is the President of Rampp Company, which has recently become involved with the career development efforts of BB2C in a very big way. In his own words....

Rampp Company’s exposure and understanding of BB2C only began in May of this year; therefore it is somewhat challenging to put a value or impact on our organization. We as a Group have had a great opportunity in a short period of time to meet many people who are dedicated, not afraid of change and hard work. They care so much about the growth and success of BB2C and the people within the various programs.

Thinking about it for a minute, we have all been impacted in a positive and upbeat manner. The enthusiasm, professionalism and communication of the staff and folks we have met to date inspires each of us @Rampp. Their energy transfers into our desire to become involved in an area we believe we are experts in.

Our primary reason for becoming involved is simply to show students and young adults the importance of technical skills and training necessary to become a machinist and allow them to see a small segment of a profession whereby with experience and training, the person can easily make a decent living; some of us are not and were not the best college candidates.

Being involved in BB2C, our employees are as interested as anyone. I have witnessed each stepping up and willing to share knowledge. Rampp had the pleasure of having a dozen educators from various schools visit us a couple of weeks back. To observe our employees interacting with them, watching them explain the importance of skills learned in high school and to showcase the results on an individual basis that day was so meaningful and refreshing to the skilled employees, who are without a doubt this company’s most valuable asset.

If the BB2C program yields one person that pursues a career in machining, that will make the program a success in our eyes. Ultimately, one would hope for multiple machinists in the years to come and allow local businesses an opportunity to employee them and keep skilled employees in this area.

We can only sustain and grow our business if we have skilled employees working together to create an atmosphere that is rewarding and unique. The people that pass through the doors of BB2C are our future tomorrow.