BB2C Student Perspective: Pat Davis, Warren High School

Pat Davis is a junior at Warren High School who is participating in the BB2C HS Internship program. He is currently interning with the Operator Training Committee of Ohio (OTCO) throughout the fall semester. The connection was made for Pat when Tonya Davis (BB2C coordinator) and Jared Farnsworth (also an intern with OTCO) visited Jenny Lynch’s classroom to share information about the newly developed internship program.

When asked what he has learned so far, Pat said that he has learned how to use a handheld satellite GPS locator that OTCO provided, how to capture data for a geographic information system (GIS) map that he is helping to create, and that he is starting to learn how to transfer the files so that the data will show up on the GIS map. Also, he is learning communication skills (more than interviewing skills) because he has had to meet with several people from the Marietta waste water department in order to work with them to capture location data for the city’s manholes. This data will be used to pinpoint the location of all manholes for easier access - for example, when there is a layer of snow on the ground.

Because of this internship opportunity, Pat met with the Belpre City Public Works superintendent, Mike Betz. Pat’s OTCO supervisor, Curtis Truss, wanted him to be able to have a job opportunity in Belpre since he lives nearby. “It went well, and it got me a job lined up with the city of Belpre and my name is in the contract, “ said Pat. “This job will start in early January and I will be capturing data for them.”

Of course, we asked Pat if he is intending to pursue this type of work for a career. “I did not know about this career before Tonya and Jared come into the classroom and told us about it. I still don’t know what I want to do but I am going to stick with this for now. I am interested enough that this could be a viable career plan for me, but I am only 17.”