BPOM December 2018 - Dimex


BB2C is pleased to present our Business Partner of the Month (BPOM) for December 2018. This month’s BPOM is DIMEX.

Dimex is a wonderful example of how great national companies can thrive in the Mid-Ohio Valley. In their own words, “Marietta is a small community with abundant opportunities. We have a hometown feel, rich in culture, history and adventure. Marietta offers strategic benefits in the nation’s industrial region with easy access to both waterways and highways. Dimex not only understands the geographical importance of the area, they also understand the importance of cultivating local talented employees that helps to make them leaders in their industry.

With over 25 years as an industry leading manufacturer, Dimex blends innovation, expertise, and sustainability as one of the largest recyclers of plastic materials. Dimex’s comprehensive capabilities allow them to provide the highest performing recycled flexible PVC and TPE compounds and the top quality products to a variety of markets.

A recent trend of our BB2C BPOM’s is their affiliation and excitement of our High School Internship program. This great BB2C program is a way for qualified High School students to earn experience by interning in fields they find interesting and as potential career paths following their educational career.

Diana Davis, Human Resources Director for the Dimex corporation, shared this with us about the High School Internship Program. “Dimex is excited about the partnership with BB2C and we look forward to being able to create a consistent relationship that will provide a true “bridge” to employment after high school for those students who are interested in immediately entering the workforce.  By allowing these interested students to experience what this type of work is really like we hope to attract future hires for our company, but more importantly to give these students a leg up on career opportunities wherever they choose to go to work.”

To learn more about the Dimex Corporation visit: www.dimexcorp.com


BB2C is pleased to present our Business Partner of the Month (BPOM) for November 2018. This month’s BPOM is STONEBRIDGE OPERATING CO., LLC. 

Stonebridge Operating Co, is an Oil and Gas company located in Fleming, Ohio. This organization is an independent operator of nearly 1000 wells in more than six Southeastern Ohio counties. They employ more than 30 talented oil and gas professionals. Primary operations are centered in Washington County, Ohio and consist of welltenders, service rig operators and hands, roust crews, general administration and engineering staff.

BB2C’s relationship with Stonebridge Operating Co. is relatively new. In fact, they approached us to help incorporate our High School Internship Program. Currently, we have two Warren High School students who are interning with the organization doing administrative assistant work. Gracie Ann Stemple, on our of Stonebridge interns said, “I like that I am able to work in a more professional setting than what I’m used to. I also like that I will be learning things that I wouldn’t usually learn in a retail setting, which will help me in work places in the future and I’m  thankful that Stonebridge gave me this opportunity!”  Each of our current interns interviewed for the position. The HS Internship Program includes a selection process and we work with the schools and businesses to find candidates that best match skills and interests. In all we have ½ a dozen interns that are currently working in the field.

The purpose of the High School Internship program is to provide an experience for high school students that will complement what they are learning in the classroom and increase their soft skills. Kylie Corbitt, another of our Stonebridge High School Interns told us that “While taking my internship, I was hoping to gain experience working in situations that I’ve never experienced to help figure out what I would possibly wanted to do after high school. I like how the company’s work with you and are flexible with your schedule according to your needs.”  BB2C High School Internships are different than a part time job in that students are expected to reflect on the experience and use what they have learned to help them determine a post-secondary pathway. For more information on our High School Internship Program contact Suzy Zumwalde Building Bridges to Careers Placement Coordinator at bb2cplacement@gmail.com.
To learn more about STONEBRIDGE OPERATING CO., LLC visit: