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Are you interested in more information or would you like a representative from Building Bridges to Careers to speak to your district or at an event? Please contact Tasha Werry.

Tasha Werry 
Building Bridges to Careers Director
Director of Career Resources and Outreach, Marietta City Schools
Phone: (740) 374-6500 x8017;

Tonya Davis
Building Bridges to Careers Coordinator
Phone: (304) 482-1366

Pamela Lankford
Epicenter Director
Phone: (740) 370-6399

Jenny Bruce
Makerspace Coordinator
Phone: (740) 370-6399

Barb Schafer
Career Mentor Coordinator, Warren and Fort Frye
Phone: (740) 678-2366 x121

Geoff Schenkel
Career Mentor Coordinator, Marietta
Phone: (740) 525-3324

Troy Devol
Marketing and Communications
Phone: (740) 350-0731