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Like what you see and want to get involved? There are a variety of opportunities to participate in the Building Bridges to Careers initiative. 

Support through Donation

Donations can be made to the Marietta Community Foundation BBC fund. Donations will help with website maintenance and upkeep, services of the community career coordinator/liaison, and to fund various student activities and events. All donations are greatly appreciated.

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Become a BB2C Partner

We are actively recruiting local businesses to provide opportunities for career exploration, job shadowing, career mentoring, internships, and employment to increase our students’ exposure to a variety of local career options. There is no cost for participation other than time, and businesses can define the level of interaction they are most comfortable with. To help determine what makes the most sense for your business, please complete the survey below and a BBC team member will be in contact with you. 

Other Opportunities

Want to be a included in the Directory? Are you a business that would like to be a part of the BB2C Business Directory for teachers? Download this form and fax it to: 740-374-6506; or email to

Interested in other opportunities to get involved? Contact us, and let’s discuss ways we can work together. 


Local businesses work with students in the classroom. 

Local businesses work with students in the classroom. 

“Our goal is for community and business to engage with education institutions to help all of our students create a plan for themselves to have successful employment in our county.”
- Tasha Werry, Building Bridges to Careers Facilitator