Real World Problem Scenarios Library

The Real World Problem Scenarios Library consists of scenarios that were developed through collaboration between teachers and a partnering business representative, and then implemented in the classroom with students and the business partner. Please feel free to download the scenarios and utilize the accompanying videos as a resource. 

How much do you know about the current employment and career options in the Washington County area? How can this information help enhance the curriculum that you are responsible for teaching? Through our partnership with local businesses and organizations, we are able to:

  • Identify and understand the hard and soft skills students need to develop for future employment. 
  • Connect with business people and other community adults to find ways to utilize local resources in our schools. 
  • Develop K-12 expectations of career exploration and establish career pathways students can follow based on their interests and experiences.
  • Develop real world problem scenarios to use within classrooms to provide students with exposure to real-world work place issues and develop their problem solving skills.
  • Bridge the gap between school and real life by sharing stories and experiences.
  • Reverse the brain drain by increasing local career awareness for our young people.
  • Provide a list of local businesses willing to be a part of the classroom experience for students.