Job Shadowing 101

Last week I went into a classroom to pick up paperwork for job shadowing placements at the career center. I had a student approach me and ask excitedly, "Are you the one who's doing the job shadowing?' I responded I was that person and his face lit up. He told me how excited he was to go on his strength and conditioning coach job shadowing placement the next day. He thanked me for arranging the placement and continued to talk to me with great enthusiasm and excitement. I followed up with the teacher about his placement and she told me the placement was "Outstanding!" and that the experience was wonderful and educational for the students that went on that placement.  This is why we do what we do at Building Bridges to Careers.  Our goal is to help students find enthusiasm and passion about a chosen career and find the means and connections to make their dream happen.  We are so grateful to have a tremendous amount of support for our program. If you are a business allowing a student to come in and do job shadowing, please know that you are truly impacting the life and career of that student! We will be sharing more success stories along the way.