BB2C Follow-up: Epicenter Expansion - Makerspace!

Makerspace? Huh??

From high school scroll saw class projects to crafted jewelry and pottery to locally made baby clothes and tee pees to art sculptures and woodcut prints to production and fabrication to manufacturing.....items from all of these categories were all on display last Wednesday night at Buckeye Hills Regional Council Innovation Gateway Kick-off Event. Why? To demonstrate the wide variety of things that are made right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley (MOV). And, by the way...these items also bring money into the MOV. 

Building Bridges to Careers is adding a makerspace to the Epicenter when we move to our new larger location at 107 Lancaster Street in Marietta. A makerspace is literally a space with relevant equipment in which people make things. There are examples of makerspaces all over the country, as illustrated by the national non-profit Nation of Makers. There are makerspaces all over Ohio (Idea Foundry, Columbus) and a few popping up in our region (LIGHTS). 

The Epicenter's makerspace will begin with three distinct spaces and will have plenty of room to expand as we discover the needs and wants of Washington County, OH and Wood County, WV.  The Epicenter will also be expanding the capacity of the business incubator and our capacity to help area youth develop a career path. 

Just imagine the possibilities with all of these opportunities under one roof!!! We will be able to release the entrepreneurial spirit in people of all ages; grow businesses - service and product-based businesses; create career pathways for anyone who needs one; show people how to use their hands to make something; and cross-pollinate the knowledge of ALL generations.  

What would you like to see and do in our makerspace? We have a survey for of today woodworking and graphic design are ranked the highest on the list. Those that have completed the survey would also like to have short-term classes and meet-ups. Share your opinions with us about equipment, activities, and monthly fees by completing this rather short survey: BB2C Epicenter Expansion Survey

All of us at Building Bridges to Careers are very excited about our expansion!! You can support our efforts through a donation using GoFundMe or directly through the Marietta Community Foundation