BB2C Focus Projects: Job Shadowing

How do we help our students make an informed career decision? We have developed a variety of focus projects to get students connected with professionals in their field of interest. A prime example is job shadowing. On Nov. 6th, Melinda Crone of Crone Accounting met with a group of high school students for an accounting job shadow placement.

Melinda took the time to develop a whole day shadow experience for the group of students. Two attended from Fort Frye High School along with a student from Marietta High School. One activity consisted of the students filling out "dummy"  tax returns. Then Melinda had them research different documents they would be required to work with, and later took them on a "scavenger hunt" to the places where those documents would be found or utilized. The following are quotes from students who participated in the placement that day:

"I like that we were able to use the software she is able to use every day. I was interested to learn that accountants can pretty much have a job anywhere in the world." -Emily Smith, senior at Fort Frye High School

"It was a good experience to be able to learn that being an accountant can open up so many other opportunities in the business world." Senior, Marietta High School

"I like the hands on experience/opportunity we had today to learn what I want to pursue in my future." Senior, Fort Frye High School

As you can see from the quotes, these students learned about more opportunities in the accounting field. This knowledge will enable them to make a more informed career decision! Do you want to help a student gain insight into their career choice? Become a part of our community network and gain access to your future workforce. Go to our Job Shadow page or Contact Tonya Davis, BB2C Coordinator, to allow a student to observe your career.