The People of BB2C: Bret Allphin

Building Bridges to Careers (BB2C) exists to make sure students are truly knowledgeable about the full gamut of career options available to them. This is not an easy undertaking. Are aware of the job options available at a place called Buckeye Hills/Hocking Valley Regional Development District? This is where Bret Allphin works. Do you know what GIS stands for? It is one of the tools that Bret uses to do his job. One of the reasons Bret is involved with us is because "BB2C is one small way I can give back for all the assistance, guidance, and support that I received as a young person that helped me get an education and find my way to a career that I enjoy."

Bret first started participating in BB2C projects in the summer of 2014, when he was partnered with a teacher from Fort Frye for the Problem Scenario Project. Since that summer, he has partnered with three more teachers for the Problem Scenario Project, visited many other classrooms, and has become a part of the BB2C organization by attending meetings and serving as an adviser. When asked why he continually participates, he stated, "I participate in BB2C activities because I think it's important to show the students in our community that we are just as invested in their futures as they are." He is making great connections through this work, "It's also fun! Speaking with students and sharing your experience is an easy way to expose them to career opportunities they may have never even considered! After a class presentation once a student even invited me to his upcoming birthday party!"   

Bret and his most recent teacher partner, Heather Bucina, will be sharing their experiences with the Problem Scenario Project this coming Thursday, March 9, at the annual Education after Hours event. This year the event takes place at the Marietta Brewing Company from 5:00 - 6:30. Still wondering about GIS? Geographic Information can find out how this tool impacts our entire region this Thursday!