BB2C Student Perspective: Tommy Ketcham

All sophomores at Marietta High School (MHS) are required to complete a career search class in order to graduate. During the semester-long class, among many things, students take interest inventories, research careers, and use that information to decide on a career they would like to observe for their job shadowing placement.

Tommy Ketcham, MHS sophomore, chose film/videography and was able to attend a live video shoot with Troy Devol, from Troy Devol Creative, at the Epicenter. During the video shoot, Tommy observed three different business representatives being taped for a different BB2C program, the Problem Scenario Project. Troy explained to Tommy what he was trying to elicit from the participants during the interview as it was related to the editing process. He also gave Tommy advice on colleges, building his portfolio and how to get started in this field. Most importantly, Troy emphasized that he would "have to pay his dues" just starting out, but that doing so would give him the valuable experience he would need. 

At the end of the job shadowing placement Tommy said, "I thought it was great. I learned a lot more about colleges and jobs for the future. There's a lot more stuff that I now know I need to learn."

Internship possibilities were also discussed to help Tommy gain experience while earning high school credit through flex credit. Tommy had planned on getting a job elsewhere this summer but felt that an internship with Troy Devol Creative would give him experience in his chosen field and would be much more beneficial.

Please come back over the next few months to hear from more students and how job shadowing placements impact their career awareness.