BB2C Business Perspective: Ohio Web Pro Design

One major facet of Building Bridges to Careers is the connection that we make between local businesses and students. There are a variety of ways to make this happen. Before meaningful interactions can take place, however, we need to find local businesses willing to work with students. 

Eric Griffiths is the owner of Ohio Web Pro Design, and he is a local business representative that was willing to work with a small student group throughout the entire spring semester. After being introduced to the students during a lunch session in January, Eric approached us with a project idea.

What did the students help him accomplish:  "I was curious whether businesses in this area would be interested in technology brainstorming meetings/seminars, or some similar format, to help match their needs with those who can help. The students put together a market research survey to see if there was an interest, and if so, what were some of the specifics of what they thought about it. With the student's preliminary findings, we believe that there is an interest among a focused group, and I plan to expand the survey they created to more businesses."

Why did he agree to work with students: "In the past I have routinely worked with interns, and I enjoy the mentoring process.  Most web and app developing is done in the larger cities. Therefore, that is where businesses look for solutions and where graduates look for work.  As technology becomes a larger part of business in this area, I would like to be able to provide what they need, here locally, with local programmers. Anything I can do to help build a local interest in this industry could help with that."

Why should other businesses work with students: "I think it is a great way to expose students to an industry and possibly create more interest in what you do. It also can give you a fresh perspective on a project from a younger generation.  I think this can be especially helpful for businesses that center around technology."

Local businesses have the career information that students need to know...let us know if you are interested in connecting: 740-370-6399