BB2C Student Perspective: Brianna Carpenter

Meet our Warren High School Student Ambassador for BB2C! 

Brianna Carpenter is a junior at Warren High School and for two semesters has served as a BB2C student ambassador. There are many ways students can utilize BB2C programs and Brianna has participated in several programs this year, such as job shadowing, student ambassador program, internship program, and Family Career Awareness Day. 

As an ambassador and intern, she has assisted the BB2C Coordinator in getting job shadowing placements finalized for students at her school.  Brianna has secured paperwork, gotten placement forms to students, and helped notify them if there are changes in their placement. This is a huge help as staff at the school have other obligations and the coordinator is not on site at the school. This is the first year BB2C has had job shadowing placements for Warren High School. A big part of that is due to Brianna's assistance. Since she has been so involved in assisting BB2C with job shadowing she has been able to get high school credit through our internship program as well. 

Brianna has job shadowed with a veterinarian in Marietta. Here is what she says regarding job shadowing: "Job shadowing is a great opportunity for you to experience because it gives you a real life situation of what you wanna do and one day that could be you having students come watch you for job shadowing."

She had this to say about being a student ambassador: "Being a student ambassador this year was a great experience. It not only helped my organizational skills, but also it was great knowing that I was helping set up the future for my classmates."

Brianna also participated in Family Career Awareness Day and brought back her experience to the guidance office and other students in the school. She is planning to continue as a student ambassador next year. Thank you, Brianna, for all your hard work!

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