BB2C Events: Manufacturing/Entrepreneur Camp Part II

Last week we described the basics of the Manufacturing/Entrepreneur camp developed by Ely Chapman in coordination with BB2C. This week we will take you inside a visit to Pioneer Pipe Group.  Kevin Witucky, Senior Vice President, took the afternoon to explain to the students what their different companies do and gave a tour of the Hannah Road location. 

Students got to see welding first hand and learned about what elbow joints were, along with phalanges:) When they went to the career center later in the week the students surprised the Washington County Career Center staff with the knowledge they gained at Pioneer Pipe and the other manufacturers. 

Students got to see the gigantic size of the pipes Pioneer works with, some taller than the students. They learned about the process the company goes through to ensure safety for their products, including how they x-ray the pipes to ensure the welds are up to standard.

At the end of the visit Kevin stated, "We feel it's really important for students to learn about the skilled trades work available. A lot of folks think higher education is the only path to higher paying jobs. In reality, skilled trades careers are readily available and are very good careers."

BB2C is all about exposing students to different careers and increasing career awareness. Check out the WTAP segment where Kevin talks about why girls make such good welders, which is probably not a career most girls would consider. After this visit, maybe a girl somewhere will see this and think to themselves, "Hey, I can do that!" 

Here's the link:

Join us in the coming weeks for Part III of the manufacturing camp blog in which we will delve into the student's visit to the Washington County Career Center!