BB2C Events: Manufacturing/Entrepreneur Camp Part I

During the week of June 26-June 30th, BB2C partnered with the Ely Chapman Educational Foundation's Sensational Summer Camp for the 2nd Annual Manufacturing/Entrepreneur Camp. The idea is to show students different careers in the manufacturing field they are not aware of yet. How do we do that? We take them on site to manufacturers to gain real world experience and insight into those careers. 

The experience is two-fold. We are trying to help students become aware of their options so they can make an informed career decision, while at the same time working to create a future workforce for our local companies. If students aren't aware of the opportunities here they think they have to leave the area to have a successful career.

At Skuttle Manufacturing Co., a manufacturer who makes indoor air quality products, students toured the site and were able to help in the process of making an air filter.  Davis Powers, President/CEO, talked with the students about the variety of jobs at his company and the skills needed for those jobs. Then they were able to do a hands on activity of putting together a piece to take home.

When asked about the experience for that day Powers said, "Today was a day of learning, but it wasn't just manager to students. It was also the other way around. It was reciprocal learning. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and I hope this gave the students an idea of what it's like to work in a factory. Manufacturing in the United States is coming back and we need a new generation of smart workers."

We are so appreciative of the time Mr. Powers and his workers gave us and the students really enjoyed their time there. To find out about more visits, come back to see what other manufacturers the students visited.