The people of BB2C: Troy Devol

Hello, My name is Troy Devol. I make a living working for a national TV network, ESPN. I work behind the scenes. I'm a camera man; one little spoke of a giant world-wide wheel that spins entertaining TV to millions of viewers worldwide. Without many of my colleagues who work behind the scenes, the metaphorical ESPN bike doesn't roll. 

I also work behind the scenes at the Building Bridges to Careers organization. If you have liked a logo, a video, our website or even been involved in some of our focus projects that have been developed in the past 5 years, chances are you have enjoyed some of my work. 

I have been fortunate to be involved with the BB2C almost since it's inception. Although, I don't even have an official title, partly because my job description is constantly changing, I would best describe myself as the Marketing and Communication specialist for BB2C.  The running joke we have is that BB2C grows at such a feverish pace, that each plan we make today, is outdated tomorrow. 

As with my job description, BB2C is always growing, always changing. I asked Tasha if I could draft this weekly blog to make you aware of our organization's growth. I wanted a platform to speak about the need to grow our Marketing and Communication efforts. I want to grow in 3 ways: 

1. Become a proactive communicator
2. Improve target marketing
3. Develop a more comprehensive marketing and communication department that serves each of our various stakeholders. 

In the past, my job was always somewhat reactive. If we had an event we made materials to support that event. If we developed a new focus project, we would simply draft the message of what the project accomplished. But the growth of the BB2C requires us to become proactive with our communications. We need to strategically develop messaging that communicates well beyond individual events or projects. We need to communicate more about our plans for the future, the students and businesses we expect to reach and serve, and carry ourselves in the manner of the size and type of organization we have become. Our mission is vital and we should be marketing this mission to the general public. 

So this is where the blog finally makes a point: I am asking each and every stakeholder to help us through the next phase of our evolution. I'm asking that we all become proactive communicators, and begin to think about communicating as a valued tool to help us truly become Successful Students and a Prosperous Community. Over the years, we have perfected the art of developing communication and marketing pieces. But now, we desire new effective, exciting content from our stakeholders ~ parents, students, teachers, community businesses and organizations...essentially everyone. 

  • Do you have ideas for including more students or businesses in our programs? Contact the BB2C Marketing and Communications department.
  • Do you know of stakeholders that are missing out on the benefits of our programs? Contact the BB2C Marketing and Communication department.
  • Do you have thoughts or ideas about implementing a community makerspace? Contact the BB2C Marketing and Communication department
  • Are you aware of local career awareness events that BB2C could share with others? Contact the BB2C Marketing and Communication department
  • Do you have ideas for increasing work-based and experiential learning opportunities for students? Contact the BB2C Marketing and Communication department
  • Do you have ideas for reaching emerging and small businesses that need support and coaching in the Epicenter small business incubator? Contact the BB2C Marketing and Communication department

How do you contact us....simply complete the form on this page. No idea is a bad idea, and silence only ensures silence. I'm excited to announce that my job description will now include interactions with all stakeholders on the front lines, in addition to working behind the scenes. I look forward to serving all of you as we grow Building Bridges to Careers to better serve Washington and the surrounding counties.