BB2C Events: 5th Annual Family Career Awareness Day

Our 5th Annual Family Career Awareness Day is in the books and it was bigger and better than ever! Over 60 companies attended with a great student and parent crowd as well. We could tell you all about it but thought you would rather hear from the businesses and students.

This student gathered information from several businesses and used what she learned to make a decision:

Students came to Family Career Awareness Day because:

“I love the opportunity of meeting different businesses”

“My family comes yearly and it’s a great opportunity for careers”

And they will use what they learned to:

“Better understand the different jobs in and around the area”

“To think of future careers I might want to go into”

“Get more knowledge on what the needs are for my coming career and what the job consists of”

Here’s what the businesses had to say:

“Many students introduced themselves, were polite, and were very interested to learn more”

“The students this year were excellent. They introduced themselves, shook hands, and asked good questions. I was especially impressed by the students from Frontier High School.

“Scavenger hunt was much better this year-sparked conversation that wouldn’t previously have happened. Seemed like better attendance.”

“Wonderful event for kids and parents to learn about local businesses and careers.”

“This event was very well organized and the students were engaged in learning.”

“This was a great event. Great opportunities for families to discover together some interests they might otherwise not have recognized.”

Two of our OTCO/BB2C interns, Jared Farnsworth and Patrick Davis, manned the OTCO-Operator Training Committee of Ohio and this was what senior Jared had to say about the event:

“Family Career Awareness Day was very beneficial for students and businesses. It was a direct way to show students what work I’m involved in on a day-to-day basis.”

Thank you to all the companies, volunteers, staff, parents, students, and teachers that attended. We are already looking to see how we can make next year’s event even better!