BB2C Perspective: Kevin Hudson, Memorial Health System

The Problem: The Memorial Health System will be constructing three vaults to contain radiation at their new Strecker Cancer Center site in Belpre.  Each vault will be constructed with 8 ft. cement walls, floors, and ceilings.  Calculate how much cement will be needed to construct the vaults.  What is the best way to bring that amount of cement to the site?

Who is going to help solve this problem? Belpre High School students.

The Problem Scenario Project brings teachers and local business representatives together in order to provide real world problems for students in the classroom. This time Kevin Hudson, Director of Maintenance at Memorial Health System, was partnered with Jen Wells from Belpre High School. The amazing thing about this particular partnership was that a field trip was planned for the students to the site of construction! Talk about real world…

Kevin took the students on a tour of the Emergency Department building, or #799 as he referred to it. This was not your typical tour. The students were taken behind the scenes to see all of the ways in which the hospital maintenance staff has to be prepared for fires, electric outages, and other such emergencies. Then they were taken onto the construction site to get a first hand look at the problem they are working to solve.

Kevin started the day by telling his own career pathway story, which is rather surprising and includes NASA. Ask him about it if you run into him. He also shared information about the wide variety of positions that the hospital has outside of the medical realm. How did he get involved in this? DeeAnn Gehlauf, an original member of the Problem Scenario Project committee, asked him to participate.

Kevin’s reflection: “Not being aware of the program or it’s function, I committed somewhat halfheartedly and decided to wait until the initial meeting to see what it was all about. I was immediately excited once I learned my role and of the opportunity to affect even one kid.”

What Kevin wants others to know: “Yesterday was excellent. I started the day committed to providing the service I volunteered for and very quickly I got more excited than the kids were. As we started the tour I believed most were just going through the motions. As the tour progressed they became more engaged and by the end I viewed it a success. I look forward to working in the future with these kids and appreciate BB2C and Miss Wells for giving me the opportunity.”