BB2C Focus Projects: Epicenter Makerspace

We are getting really close to taking memberships. The Makerspace Welcome packet has been reviewed, we are finalizing our hours, and the last of the woodworking equipment should come within the next week. We even updated our Epicenter logo! March 2nd's, First Friday event is our kick-off and we will begin to accept memberships! What can you do as a member? You will just have to stop in and find out... 

Part of what we do is offer classes, and a variety of them at that. Our first class, held in January, was a paint class for novices with three styles to choose from. Coming up we have: Introduction to 3D Printing, Introduction to Embroidery, Introduction to Crochet, and Introduction to MIG welding (in collaboration with WCCC). Jenny, our Makerspace Coordinator, has several others up her sleeve. If there is something that you are interested in, we can work with you. If we don't have it, we will connect you to those that do. We still strive to coordinate, not duplicate. 

Please stop in to see what the Makerspace is all about. Why, you ask?  Here's a good example. Pictured above is nine year old Brady Anderson working on TinkerCad in our tech space. TinkerCad is a simple online 3D printing software. He had never used the software before but was able to easily pick up the concepts. Soon he can be designing prototypes to be printed on the 3D printer. At  nine years old! What better way to foster creativity and possibly spark a future career? And if a nine year old can do it, you can do it! 

These are the types of experiences we want to offer to students and adults alike. While the Makerspace is still a new concept, much of what we have to offer should be familiar. What we do differently is provide career development for anyone that walks through the door. There's a lot to discover at the Epicenter!

You are formally invited to stop in at 107 Lancaster Street during our First Friday event, March 2, between 5-9, to find out more and meet some of our partners. We will also be represented at Riverside Artist's Gallery that same evening, as March's theme is "Non-profit Night". Riverside has graciously invited BB2C to be represented at their Second Street Location for the evening as one of the non-profits that they are highlighting.