The First Ever Epicenter Makerspace Member: Jeff Harbison

It's true! After 3 years of planning, working, grant writing, and preparing, BB2C has it's first EVER Epicenter Makerspace member. So, of course, he is the topic of this week's Jeff Harbison. He is the one on the right in the picture. Jeff recently attended Spoon Carving class with Travis Warren (on the left). 

Tell us a little about your self, Jeff. I understand that you recently moved to the area?

  • Yes, I just moved to Marietta recently for work. I am a Land Technician for Blue Ridge Mountain Resources. I'm originally from South Mississippi so having cold weather that lasts longer than a couple days is all new to me.

Why did you become a member of the Makerspace?

  •  I've always been interested in woodworking and creating, but have been limited in the space and resources/tools needed to really do the things I would like to do. Makerspace allows me to get past those limitations to be able build and create things that I would have been unable to do on my own.

What do you envision making/doing/creating at the Makerspace?

  • Mainly, I will be focusing on improving my skills at woodworking and after some smaller projects, my goal is to build a walnut dining table. It is something that I've always wanted to build my own. Eventually, I'd like to start a side business selling furniture that I build.

We would especially like to welcome Jeff to the area and thank him for being the first person to take advantage of what we have to offer. Being new in town can sometimes be tough and we have provided him a way to get connected. You might find Jeff working at the Makerspace during our open making hours, and you can stop in for tours and more information: 

  • Tuesday 1-9 PM
  • Wednesday 1-9 PM
  • Thursday 1-9 PM
  • Friday 2-10 PM
  • Saturday 10-4 PM

Interested in becoming a member of the Epicenter Makerspace? Contact any of us here at Building Bridges to Careers, however, Jenny Bruce is our Makerspace Coordinator and the one with the most Makerspace knowledge!

Upcoming Makerspace Classes and Events: Click Here