BB2C Events: Education After Hours

What is one of the most important skills we try to instill in our students? Building relationships. The relationships we build today can impact us for many years to a positive or negative way. We encourage our students to build positive relationships in their schools, with their peers, and in the business world. If we are going to teach our students this skill,  we have to lead by example and provide time and space for networking. Building relationships is the focus of our annual Education After Hours Event. Education After Hours is the culmination of our Problem Scenario project which has businesses go into classrooms to present real world business problems related to curriculum being taught in the schools. The students are then challenged throughout the school year to come up with creative solutions to solve those problems. 

At our annual event, teachers and businesses come together to network and connect. These connections help us to bridge the gap between the educational and business worlds. On March. 22nd, teachers from various districts and business representatives in the community came together to network. Through the years we at BB2C have discovered that when we get teachers and business representatives in the same room wonderful things happen. This event was no exception. 

When asked to describe a connection made and why the event was vlluable here is what participants had to say: 

"I connected with many educators and shared the opportunities that we offer students."

"The networking was great!"

"It was a great event! More people should try it!"

"A teacher reconnected with me to ask if Burgess and Niple could come in and talk about site maps related to their new school that's being built. I see a mini Problem Scenario emerging!"

Thank you to all who attended Education After Hours. We look forward to helping others make connections and build relationships in the future.  The connections we make at this event help us develop community networks that continue to bridge the gap between education and employment for our students!