BB2C Perspective: Manufacturing?

Manufacture: make (something) on a large scale using machinery; invent or fabricate. (verb)

Manufacturing is an industry that seems a bit misunderstood by those of us not in the field. What comes to mind when you hear that word? What would you be doing if you had a job in manufacturing? What is required of a person that works for a business that falls into the manufacturing category? I personally don’t know all of these answers, but I am beginning to get a clearer picture of this field by working with some of these local businesses through BB2C. We need to know this information because local manufacturing businesses provide a lot of jobs in our area, but they are having trouble filling vacancies. There seems to be little interest in this type of job from high school students and other young people. Why is that?

BB2C has a community meeting coming up that you are invited to attend. These meetings are regularly occurring and will happen on a quarterly basis this year. The one scheduled on April 23, at 4:30, will include time to discuss manufacturing, specifically. In order to have a robust conversation about this topic we needteachers, parents, folks that represent manufacturing, and even students and young people themselves to attend this meeting. If you know anyone that falls into these categories, bring them along. As a community, we really do need to have a better understanding of a career field that is a major part of our local economy. 

Inform. Connect. Provide. That is what we do, and we need you in order to do this successfully. The meeting will take place in the Community Building in Lookout Park on Lancaster Street on Harmar Hill.