BB2C Student Perspective: Caleb Burnosky

Caleb Burnosky is a Marietta College student who is completing an internship at the Epicenter this semester. In his own words...

Hello, my name is Caleb Burnosky. I became an intern at the Epicenter Makerspace through Marietta College's Career Center. Once I heard about the opportunity to do something I love, I quickly pursued it. I interviewed and was excited to become a part of the Makerspace team. Jenny Bruce, the Makerspace Coordinator, quickly brought me up to speed on the 3D printers and how we use them in the Makerspace. 

After using them for a while, I started thinking about the unlimited number of items that could be printed. I shared the capabilities of the printers with my brother, who came up with a brilliant item that we could turn into the foundation for a business. However, we had one problem. We didn't have our own 3D printer to start prototyping our new product idea. The ability to have quick access to 3D printers at the Makerspace allowed us to prove that our concept would work. 

Talking with Jenny and Pamela Lankford, the Epicenter Director, helped us realize that this business idea could actually be successful. We met with Pamela to go over the potential routes we can take with our product idea and the steps we need to take to get to that point. The Epicenter gave my brother and me an accessible opportunity to take our idea and get access to resources that will play a critical role in the development of our business. We see the Epicenter as an intricate part of our future business plans due to the experience, information, and opportunities that we can gain from the awesome staff who work there.

Caleb and his brother are the embodiment of what not only Building Bridges to Careers, but specifically the Epicenter, hope to achieve....Successful Students, Prosperous Communities.   Stay tuned for updates on the Burnosky Brothers new venture as they begin to develop their business concept.