BB2C Local Perspective: Craig Wix, Parkersburg Fire Department

As you know, the Epicenter Makerspace has been offering a wide-variety of classes over the last couple of months. So far, the classes have been designed to get you to try something new. Maybe that something new has always been in the back of your mind, or maybe that something new was never on your list of things to try. Either way, we offer a chance for you to see what it is like. If you like it, come back and do it again, learn some more. If you become adept at this new skill, become a member and work independently (with guidance just steps away....if needed). 

Craig Wix, of the Parkersburg Fire Department, did just that. Welding was on his list of things to try, so he participated in the Intro to Welding class that was offered jointly by the Makerspace and the Washington County Career Center. It was a one-day experience that cost $25, and required you to dress appropriately. Here is what he had to say about his experience...

It was great getting a chance to experience something that on its own is cost prohibitive for most people to get into. Welding is one of those deals that if you want to get into it right, it costs a lot of money. It was nice to get my feet wet and try it out. I would not be able to go out on my own and burn up a bunch of equipment to just learn how to do it.

The instructor was knowledgeable and he was patient with everybody, any questions I had he answered me. I asked him to challenge me and he did. I could tell that he enjoyed it. He was very good at teaching us safety, and he also explained options and where we could go with welding as a whole. He made sure we understood the welding program that is available at WCCC, and the individual study program that they have where you pay for 1 on 1 instruction, as well.

It was nice to know the other options out there. For someone in my shoes to go back to school with a full time career is hard, if not impossible.  I really looked at this as something to do on the side. It opened my eyes to the fact that welding is fun, it’s creative, and other people might see it as a chance for a career.

Thanks for sharing, Craig. What is on your list? We might just have a class for that....makerspace calendar