BB2C Focus Projects: Job Shadowing

We facilitate a wide range of job shadowing placements at BB2C. They have ranged from landscaping to nuclear engineering. With a database of over 150 companies that shadow, we still encounter challenges from time to time. There are some placements which have restrictions, such as confidentiality. When we are faced with those restrictions, we have to become a little creative with how we get students connected to professionals of their desired career. Such is the case with music therapy.

Over this last year we have had repeated requests for music therapy job shadow placements, which is no surprise seeing as Marietta College is working toward offering this degree. However, there aren't a lot of practicing music therapists in the area, yet, and due to confidentiality we cannot take students on site. So what to do? In January of this year BB2C connected with Celia Lewis, a music therapist, who offered to come to the Epicenter and talk with students. When she came, she even brought her harp in to play a piece for the students so they can see the type of music she would play during a music therapy session. Here is is what she had to say about her experience thus far:

" My name is Celia, and I have been fortunate to practice in my field of study steadily for the past 13 years. In this past year I have also been fortunate to start meeting students at the Building Bridges to Careers Epicenter. This has been an eye opening experience for me, listening to the next generation of college and work force people. I would encourage anyone who loves their work to stop by and ask how to engage with these young adults. In today's new job market they will need guidance and wisdom from any source available. I hope my words help - I will encourage them in any way I can." Celia, thank you for working with us and sharing your wisdom, expertise, and wonderful spirit with our students! To hear Celia's harp music, come to the Epicenter where we have Celia's "Harp to Heart" CD for sale.

In addition to music therapy, Celia and her husband travel to play together as a duo aptly named "Charlie & Celia". To find our more information about them please go to

If you would like to become a job shadowing host and work towards building a local workforce with our students, please contact Tonya Davis at or 740-370-6399.