BB2C Focus Projects: Internships-Jared Farnsworth

Welcome to one of our newer projects: High School Internships. College internships occur often in our area and with 5 1/2 years of high school job shadowing under our belt, BB2C is endeavoring to bring back high school internships. You may remember the days when students would go to school half a day and then go to work. Some areas may still do that, but for the most part the idea of the high school internship has not been embraced as it once was. We would like you to meet Jared Farnsworth, a rising senior that will take advantage of this opportunity. Jared is going into his senior year with all of his high school credits needed for graduation. He wanted to have a meaningful internship experience and not just fill his day with classes that would not be of benefit.

Jared came to BB2C with the desire to have an internship. Curtis Truss from OTCO (Operator Training Committee of Ohio, Inc.) contacted BB2C to see if we had a high school student who would be interested in a paid internship, we knew just the student! Jared is working with Curtis throughout the summer to complete GIS mapping projects focused on water drainage, and will then continue the internship once schools starts. Here is what Jared had to say about his internship experience thus far:

"I wanted to do an internship because I wanted to be a part of a field that had meaning to it. I also wanted to spend my time getting experience in a field that interested me so I am more knowledgeable when I either go to college or enter the workforce. My internship so far has been an awesome experience that I didn't know was available for people my age. So far I've gotten to attend workshops with other local officials in the field, operate high-end GPS equipment, and even assisted with capturing data for a local water/sewer district. I'll also be capturing data for the city of Marietta over the summer. "

Thank you, Curtis, for believing in our student and giving him such a wonderful opportunity. Jared, thank you for being such a wonderful example of what our students can do!

If you are interested in developing high school internship experiences, please contact Suzy Zumwalde: