BB2C Business Perspective: Ryan Smith, Esquire

Ryan Smith joined us in the Epicenter Small Business Incubator in March, and is ready to move on. In his own words....

Another step on the journey for the Law Office of Ryan M. Smith.

While my time at the Epicenter's incubator was brief, it was essential.  On my journey from in-house counsel to an entrepreneurial lawyer, I needed a place to bridge the gap from working out of client and referral partners' locations to a place of my own.  The incubator proved to be an excellent solution.  With access to professional office space, full-service amenities of high-speed internet, phones, copiers, fax machines, and a conference room, there was no reason not to move in quickly.  All of this came at a very reasonable price and included 24/7 access to the facility. 

There was, however, a catch.  As a part of my occupancy, I would need to do something that I secretly (or not so secretly) liked to do anyway: invest in others who are looking for guidance and experiences relating to their personal development. Within a brief time, I was able to host several job shadowing students and speak with countless guests touring the BB2C facility. As someone who went to college as a default decision after high school and went to graduate school after years in the professional world, I tend to identify with kids (and adults) searching for the answer to the question "What do I do with my life?".  I spent years asking myself this question, but it wasn't until deciding to go to law school that I quit asking the question and started living the life.  

I am a firm believer that more school is not always the answer; there are so many ways to explore the options--options like internships, externships, shadowing, volunteering, and interviewing--that have far lower opportunity cost than just going to school and "figuring it out later" or, even worse, "finding yourself". The Epicenter provides a fantastic environment for those who are looking to move their venture from concept to reality and to do that in a visible way that is helpful to others. It lends an appearance of professionalism without the commitments of a traditional commercial lease and the support of working alongside others striving for a similar goal.

In my case, the Epicenter incubator provided a place to pause and consider several options.  I had a great space to take care of my clients and do the work at hand without feeling undue pressure to make a big decision. Ultimately, I was able to take that next step--sooner than I would have expected--and am now moving into an established location already set up for a legal service provider, with room to grow, mentorship, and many other intangibles. 

Many thanks to Tasha, Pamela, and and the entire crew at the Epicenter. I look forward to continuing to help further your mission and the opportunity to enthusiastically recommend your services. 

Good luck in your new location, Ryan. Don't be a stranger!