The Makerspace is Ready.....Again!

October marks the beginning of a new era for us….even though it is just 6 months later than the previous era.

The Makerspace was up and running in March of 2018. Then in July, many opportunities came our way that we were not expecting…..donation of a Haas Vertical Toolroom Mill , a Full Spectrum Laser, a Jet Jointer, and a new, larger Fablicator 3D printer; and expanding the Makerspace by about 5000 sq. ft. August and September were spent cleaning, painting, and re-arranging. We have expanded hours, invited some content experts to join our forces and have connected with some great expert volunteers.

Our hours expanded to include Monday evenings in the woodshop. Steve Foutty, a long time teacher from Marietta High School, will be available to help members with wood projects and general equipment knowledge, and will also offer classes. Brent Smith will be offering introduction classes, with the first one scheduled for Oct. 9, on the Haas machine and CNC machining in general, and is available for makerspace members on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. A wide variety of local volunteers will be offering classes and support with the 3D printers and vinyl cutters in the Tech Space, the sewing machines in the Fiber Arts Space, and the new laser cutter. One example is volunteer Jason Rose, pictured above in the woodshop. He spent time last Friday with a group of Warren teachers during their professional development day showing them the art of lathing acrylic pens. Also joining us last Friday was volunteer Don Pittman, who demonstrated 3D printing and the coordinating software. Both will be offering classes in the near future.

There are two ways that you can take advantage of the Makerspace….take the classes we offer and/or become a member. If you haven’t seen the Makerspace in the last 3-4 weeks, then your knowledge is out dated, so to speak. The dust finally settled in the first two weeks of September. Stop in and take a tour.

Jenny Bruce, our Makerspace Coordinator, is always looking for more class ideas and instructors that would like to share their skills with others. If you have a skill that you can share, or would like to sign-up to attend classes, please give her a call: 740-370-6399.