BB2C Student Perspective: Hannah McDole, Warren High School

Hannah is currently interning with Marietta and Beyond and Building Bridges to Careers. She has had multiple experiences that have shaped the direction she will take in the future. In her own words….

Today I would like to take the time to talk to you about why I became a writer. So, for those who don't know, I’m Hannah McDole a senior at Warren High School. What first sparked my interest in writing was an experience I had when I was younger. I was an avid reader and ran out of books to read. I had a very particular story I wanted to read and couldn’t find it anywhere. Complaining to my Mom, she told me to write the story I wanted to read. So I did. I have been writing ever since. Fast forward to high school, I have finished my first full length novel and have plans to publish it.

I never seriously considered writing a full time job until my math teacher, Mrs. Lynch, mentioned that Building Bridges to Careers had job shadowing. I originally thought that there was no way there would be any type of shadowing involving writing. However, I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised when they placed me with Christiane Marshall, a Journalist and owner of Marietta and Beyond. I loved my experience with her and my job shadowing. It furthered my interest in Journalism that's for sure! Shortly after I was offered an internship with Marietta and Beyond and BB2C. The internship has helped me realize I love Journalism and I am now looking at colleges that have related programs. I love what I’m doing here and can’t wait for the future.

Thank you!