BB2C Events: 3rd Annual Discover Engineering Day

Our 3rd Annual Discover Engineering Day is in the books and what a day it was! We had more students, activities, and companies than ever before.

Fifty-six students from 9 schools or counties participated: Warren, Williamstown, Marietta, Frontier, Belpre, the Career Center, Waterford, Noble Co., and Wood Co. Christian were all in attendance.

Six companies and/or professionals provided hands on activities in different engineering disciplines: Burgess and Niple, Inc.-Civil Engineering/Bridge building activity: Students built bridges with Popsicle sticks in order to hold 5 pounds of weight and learned how bridges are constructed. The winning team completed the task with only 10 Popsicle sticks!

The Chemours Company-Chemical Engineering/Bouncy Ball Activity: Students created bouncy balls with a few chemicals and learned how that relates to chemical engineering at Chemours.

Kory Benedict-Computer Engineering/Computer Programming Activity: Students learned to write code to assist with database management.

Magnum Magnetics-Manufacturing Engineering/Magnet Manufacturing Activity-Students learned about how magnets are made and were able to manufacture magnets with school logos on them.

Power System Engineering-Electrical Engineering/Building A Circuit Activity-Students built an electric circuit to make Christmas lights light up. They learned how this activity ties to electrical engineering at PSE.

WSCC-Mechanical Engineering/Boat Building-Students built boats out of aluminum foil and participated in a a competition to see which boat could float holding the most pennies. The winning boat held 94 pennies!

Companies from all over the Mid-Ohio Valley participated in the networking lunch. In total, close to 40 engineers came to talk with students about their career paths, education, and to help students build networking skills. Several companies attended in addition to those previously mentioned: Solvay, Washington Electric Cooperative, Inc. Pickering Associates, Grimm Scientific, First Energy, ODOT, Catchup Labs, Dupont, and Terra Sonic International. Thank you to all the companies that talked with our students.

Students learned so much about different disciplines of engineering and several stated that the networking activity was their favorite part of the day. How did students and the businesses feel about the day?

I will use what I learned today to narrow down what I want to do after high school and select classes that will help me get where I want to go.-10th grader, Belpre HS

I will use what I learned today to pursue civil engineering and find a job close to home.-11th grader, Noble Co. Schools

I will use what I learned to come up with a more narrow decision on what field interests me, explore co-op programs through colleges, and to share what I’ve learned with my classmates!-11th grader, Williamstown High School

Thanks for the invite, I enjoyed speaking to the students.  Getting a chance to talk to a student about what you do reminds you of why you love your chosen profession.-Timm Utt, Burgess and Niple, Inc.

PSE was thrilled to see so many local students excited about engineering and we hope to meet many of them again as they continue on their educational and career paths. Our community needs bright, young engineers of all disciplines and we are honored to be able to share our knowledge and passion.-Sean Kufel, Power System Engineering

Thank you to our sponsors Washington Electric Cooperative, Burgess and Niple, Inc, and Power System Engineering! Without you our networking lunch would not be possible and we also appreciate you participating in volunteering for the activities and your help throughout the day!

See ya next year! For more information on Discover Engineering Day, contact Tonya Davis, BB2C Coordinator