YOU can get involved!

Why do all of this? Because YOU are needed to help our students be successful and our communities to prosper.

In order to bridge the gap between education and employment, Building Bridges to Careers has developed programs that fall into three buckets: youth career development, entrepreneurial development, and business/education networking. Our home page has a visual of these buckets…in case you are interested in learning more.

March happens to be a month that is highly focused on the third bucket, business/education networking. This month began with the Lt. Governor’s visit and round table discussion. Businesses, educators, workforce organizations, and 2 high school students were all included in the round table, and all are highly engaged in the work of bridging the gap between education and employment. This month also includes a professional development class for local educators that has them learning about career resources available for helping their students explore careers, and has them connecting with local businesses through the class in a variety of ways.

The BB2C Community Meeting and Education after Hours are open to anyone that would like to know more and/or would like to get involved in this work. At the BB2C Community Meeting, you will hear from a panel of high school students about the experiences that have helped them make their career decisions. We are also working on a county-wide Portrait of a Graduate to capture the synergy that is happening between our schools and businesses. The Education after Hours event will provide time for conversations and relationship building through social networking. You can also stop by our booth at the annual Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce dinner on March 11. Join us at one of these events and stop by the BB2C offices to find out more.