BB2C Student Perspective: Scott Schofield

Scott Schofield is currently a senior at Marietta High School and is participating in the BB2C High School Internship program. He has been able to take full advantage of career exploration activities provided over the last several years.

As a freshman he didn't know what he wanted and didn't really enjoy school that much. This changed when he took an Intro to Engineering course with Mr. Foutty that year. As a sophomore, the Career Search course with Mrs. Depue pointed him toward the STEM career cluster, and he ended up job shadowing in this field. "At my job shadow, I learned what happened in the workplace....I was contacted by the owner after school was out and I ended up working for the company for two summers. This was something I really enjoyed...I learned alot." Scott utilized the drafting skills that he learned in the engineering courses during his summer job and ended up designing the fire system in a local elementary building using CADD. 

Now a senior, Scott is completing an internship with Derrick Lemley at the Washington County Career Center. His CADD skills are being used to help design an outdoor facility that will train chemical operators. Through this opportunity, Scott is learning abut communicating and believes that this project will benefit the instructors, the students, and the businesses. 

To hear more about Scott's career journey through high school, click here to view his conversation with Governor Kasich. Scott represented Marietta City Schools for the presentation of an Innovation Award on January 24, 2017.