BPOM May 2019 - Solvay


BB2C is pleased to present our Business Partner of the Month (BPOM) for May 2019. This month’s BPOM is Solvay.

Created in 1863, Solvay is a global company driven by proud and committed chemists. Their products serve diversified markets worldwide, from consumer goods to energy. The Marietta plant site started up in 1965 as part of a larger Union Carbide complex and was purchased by Amoco in 1986. Solvay acquired the plant from BP-Amoco in 2001 and employs about 300 people to produce compounds for Solvay Specialty Polymer Polysulfones such as RadelⓇand UdelⓇ.

Solvay has always strived to be an active participant when giving back to our community. In fact, Solvay Specialty Polymers received the 2018 Philanthropist of the Year for a business from the Marietta Community Foundation, recognizing their philanthropic impact on our community. Since Solvay has joined their philanthropic efforts with the Foundation in October 2016, the foundation has helped them process more than 185 grants that have benefited the entire Mid-Ohio Valley.

In addition to their public philanthropy, Solvay is equally committed to building a vibrant and robust workforce. Their partnership with us is a perfect fit in achieving both of our organization’s goals. In the last year, they have participated heavily in our Career Mentor and Job Shadowing programs, and participated in In-Demand week field trips which allow students the opportunity to explore several local businesses. Solvay is even creating unique ways to get more students on their campus in a way that works best for their system. We appreciate their efforts to help facilitate a tremendous youth experience.

To learn more about Solvay, visit their website at www.solvay.us. To learn more about BB2C visit http://buildingbridgestocareers.org/become-a-partner and follow us on Facebook.