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Support is provided by the following partners: Appalachian Regional Commission, Ohio University Voinovich School, Washington County Public Library, Marietta Community Foundation and LIGHTS Regional Innovation.

BB2C Epicenter: 107 Lancaster Street, Harmar Village, Marietta.

BB2C Epicenter: 107 Lancaster Street, Harmar Village, Marietta.

The BB2C Epicenter is a youth and entrepreneurial development center that provides space and time for collaborating and creating community networks. Small businesses housed in the Epicenter are supported in an incubator-style environment while they grow. High school and college students collaboratively participate in programming alongside the entrepreneurs-in-residence to increase soft skills and to explore different career paths. The Epicenter expanded in January 2018 to include a Makerspace! What is a Makerspace? Click here to find out what is happening in the rest of the country to encourage people to make stuff! 

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