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Makerspaces typically only exist is large cities, so for the members of a community the size the MOV to have access to these tools and the expertise of our Makerspace Staff is a real blessing for the local community.

Brad Hemmerly

Makerspace Coordinator

Phone: 740-370-6399 x5


We would like to take a minute to introduce our new Makerspace Coordinator, Brad Hemmerly! Brad took over for Jenny Bruce starting on January 3rd, 2019. We are very happy to have Brad with us and can't wait to see the wonderful things he has planned.

Brad, an Ohio State University graduate, has been developing his skill in woodworking, machining, sewing and more for years now. Growing up in a household with a father who was an industrial technology teacher and a mother that was a seamstress he grew up working with his hands. He was then exposed to CNC machining and computer programming while pursuing his mechanical engineering degree at Ohio State.

He is very excited to continue sharing the many assets of the Makerspace with the members of the Mid-Ohio Valley community and help the Makerspace continue to address the interests of the community.

I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and sharing knowledge about both traditional woodworking as well as the new technology of laser cutting. We can’t wait to have the Makerspace be a vibrant gathering place within the community.

Brent Smith

Laser Trainer & Woodshop Trainer

We are pleased to introduce Brent Smith, one of our Makerspace content experts and a jack-of-all-trades. Brent is originally from Vienna, WV and attended West Virginia University at Parkersburg. He worked at GE Plastics for 31 years and is now retired. Brent first found out about the Makerspace from his son’s involvement with Building Bridges to Careers as a student at Warren High School. His son was interested in 3D printers so they came to check it out during a First Friday event. As he learned more about the Makerspace, and staff got to know Brent,  they were both very excited to start working together. The piece of equipment he was most excited about was the laser cutter, but his vast skill set makes him a valuable asset for those coming to the Makerspace to learn about the other equipment as well.

Brent has been helping improve all of our spaces, but specifically the Woodshop and Laser Spaces. He is teaches class in both our woodshop as well as our laser classes.

When Brent isn’t at the Makerspace, he has several hobbies including fly fishing, scuba diving and hunting.

I really enjoyed working with a young girl and her grandma with their brand new sewing machine. The sense of awe when they walked away having made a pillow was great!

Ann SieGfried

Fiber Arts Trainer

Meet our Makerspace sewing content expert, Ann Siegfried! Ann grew up in Waverly, WV and attended Williamstown High School. She loves sewing and has been sewing since she was 10 years old. Ann has dabbles in multiple things but has always gone back to sewing. She can fix anything from bridal gowns to pillows, and has been working at Joann Fabrics for about 9 years now.

Ann heard about the Makerspace from a friend and attended a tour of the building. She enjoyed it so much, she came back and attended a couple of classes in the Makerspace. Then, Ann was asked to hold a few classes of her own. Now she teaches sewing classes, 3 - 4 times a week.

Ann always has great new classes in the works and can't wait for some new things to be introduced in the sewing world that she can share with us. She has a husband Greg and a daughter Lisa.


I wanted to be involved in the Makerspace to give back to the community and help people realize that art isn’t just creating things, it can be cathartic. You don’t have to have formal training to create art. I want to help people in the community realize they can be an artist and have a sense of pride in what they create. I look forward to working with local creators and artists in the community.

Maddy Grant

Creative Arts TRAINER

We would like to welcome our Makerspace creative arts content expert, Maddy Grant, to the staff! Maddy is originally from North Carolina and received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a focus in painting from Marshall University in 2017. She is formally trained in oil’s, acrylics, and watercolor but is also very comfortable creating pieces in a wide variety of other mediums.

We met Maddy when the Makerspace first opened and her enthusiasm for this new endeavor was obvious from the start. She participated in “Discover Art Day”, with Building Bridges to Careers, which is designed to expose local high school students to hands on art activities with three artists and then participated in a networking lunch. The students loved her pouring class and learned a lot from her that day, not just about paint pouring but about being an artist in general. Not long after, she became our Art Content Expert.

Maddy started her own business MG Studios LLC, even before she graduated. She sells her work under Madeline Grant Fine Art and Maddy’s Marvels and is grateful that she can use her creative abilities to make a living. We are so excited to have Maddy with us and can’t wait to see what she helps our community create!



Tom Pralley

Stained Glass Trainer

It has taken us a while to find the right instructor to staff our Stained Glass space and we are happy to say we finally found him. We would like to introduce Tom Pralley as our content expert for stained glass. Tom is a Parkersburg, WV native and 1983 graduate of Parkersburg HS. At a young age he was exposed to wood working and has carried that interest with him into his adult life. At the urging of a friend in 2005, he cut glass for the first time and developed a passion for this art form.

Tom has developed, and will be teaching, our first introductory stained glass classes. This 2 part, 5 hour class will expose you to all of the skills needed to do stained glass while making a 4 panel 6" square window. All materials and tools will be provided for the class. Once you complete the introductory class, the Stained Glass space will be available during open making hours to all Makerspace members as you make your own designs.